This is HellMOO's Minecraft World; established Feb, 2011. Use Ventrilo and join us by voice (use Speex codec) and chat while you build!

Important Announcements

June 11, 2017 16:07 EDT - Server Upgraded! The server is now at craftbukkit version 1.12 and all is well.

March 1, 2017 19:23 EDT - We're Open for Business! (well... beta business) As of March first we've taken down the white-list and opened the server to the pubic for beta testing. What does that mean? Well during this period anyone can visit our server, wander around our world, and even build stuff in the Open Build Areas! As of right now the end of the open beta period has not been set but it should last a few months. At the end of the open beta the map might be reset to the old save... more on that in later news. In the mean time be sure to visit the Information Center!

February 17, 2017 19:09 EDT - The World Takes a New Direction! It's hard to belive it's been over six years stince we started all this. Up until now we've been using a white-list to invite friends onto our world but in an effort to increase who can see and enjoy our creations we're making the necessary changes to become a public server. Server mods have been implemented for real estate protection and this is how it works: by default most of the world can only be modified by the admin in order to preserve all that original content. Everyone can safely visit and enjoy what has already been built. In addition two vast areas, Eastkeep and Southhold, have been designated 'Open Build'. The subway map and teleport system have been updated accordingly. In these new areas everyone can visit and play there without restrictions. PvP is permitted in these areas. Everyone is still subject to the usual server rules of conduct of course.

To help new players and old, an Information and Welcome Center has been created. It can be accessed by one of the Information Machines located in Spawnville Plaza and Grand Central Terminal.

If you want to see the older announcements click here.

Server Rules

The server is divided into three kinds of areas: Protected land, Privately-held Homesteads, and Open Build areas. All players are welcome to tour all areas and build in areas designated Open Build. While this server is open to the public it remains privately owned; individual player access may be revoked without explanation at any time at the discretion of the admins. The rules of conduct are to be observed and followed at all times. Remember its the spirit of the rule that counts not the language so don't even think about playing lawyer. That being said, here are the rules:

  • RULE 1. Most things including PvP are permitted (but not encouraged) in Open Build areas, however you should respect other player's real estate and contructions. This means you should not touch or modify stuff that other players have built. It also means that you should not intrude (build) on real estate/turf that can reasonably be said to have been claimed by someone else. When establishing your turf give other people's turf wide berth wherever physically possible (in the X Y and Z dimensions). If another player has given you permission to modify and/or build directly on or next to their stuff you should be prepared to prove you have their permission to the admin's satisfaction.
  • RULE 2. Dont be a dick. This means what it says. The meaning and interpretation of "dick" shall be up to the admins to decide on a case by case basis. We want a chill crowd on this server.
  • RULE 3. This is a Survival server; do not ask, beg, or cajole for "op" privileges or Creative mode. Being given either is an extremely rare privilege and not a right. If you do have op and you feel like giving yourself a bunch of stuff respect the rest of the players who are in pure survival mode. Do not pollute their play space with your stuff. For example do not spawn 100 diamond blocks and litter them all over the place.
  • OK, thats the end of the heavy-handed bit.

    General Information

    If you want to know more about Minecraft, visit Minecraft.net. If you want to know more about HellMOO, visit HellMOO.org. If you want to know more about anything else, go look it up on Google, because this site is about Minecraft and HellMOO.